Speed enhancement when using Preferences panel?

if & when it’s possible –

can we get a speed boost when using the Grasshopper preferences/settings dialog?
i seem to be getting a lot of beach-balling when switching between sections (Fonts, Interface, Palette)


anything basic regarding UI performance will most likely have to wait till version 6 of mac rhino
here some UI requests click and click which all are set for the next major release.

oh… was just meaning to get this on the pile.
i’m not expecting marlin to post “this will be speedier in the next WIP”

Hey Jeff,

Thanks for reporting the issue! It is on our radar here: RH-38420.


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hey @curtisw

using 5E104w… much improved! thank you.

also seems like grasshopper itself is loading much faster in this WIP.

Hey @jeff_hammond,

No problem, I’m glad it’s working for you!

And yes, everything should be just a little faster now. (;