[BUG] Opening Grasshopper Preferences crashes Rhino?

Hi again,

I’ve just discovered - while searching for the Clear Hops Memory Cache button -, that the simple act of opening the Grasshopper preferences in Rhino 7 (7.7.21131.13002, 2021-05-11) totally crashes Rhino for macOS!

Just noticed I have the same problem here on MacOS.

Trying to open preferences from grasshopper causes spinning beach ball. Waited 5 minutes then force-quit.

Quit & restart Rhino - no change. Reboot - no change.

I am running the same version as @diff-arch.


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Thanks for reporting the issue. This is a known issue and will be fixed for the next 7.7 build. See RH-64179.

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Thanks, I don’t know if this is your turf, but if so, could you please also take a look at this, at least the glitchy part:

RH-64179 is fixed in the latest Rhino 7.7 Service Release

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