Scrolling Issues

when i scroll in and out on the grasshopper panel, the zoom does not behave the same as in rhino, sometimes it does not scroll at all noticeable when i very carefully scroll only one step. and when i start very slow i can also scroll many steps endless without anything moving.

its not my mouse, in rhino itself this works regular but in grasshopper this “delayed” zooming which only works at all when i zoom a bit stronger often leads to zooming past the definitions not being able to control it as used to.

this has been there right from the beginning in grasshopper for mac, so i thought its new so i gave it time hoping this will sett. but more than one year later, the basis of navigating in grasshopper still feels goofy. did anybody notice that?

Is your scrollwheel one of those notched incremental affairs, or is it smooth? Does the Ctrl+RightClick zooming work as expected?

my mouse has steps. the cmd and right click method even though not so smooth as in rhino (feels a bit gooey), but that works, just it sometimes tends to jump when i move with the mouse out of the hopper panel.

zooming delay or lets call it denial, is best seen when you zoom out a quick and bigger junk and then very very slowly only one careful step try to zoom in again then it does not zoom and i can even increase the scrolling speed. i mean when i accelerate faster it comes again but its very difficult to control and feels delayed very often.

maybe i should add that i have the scroll speed set in my system preferences to the highest.

It’s been on the bug list since then too.
Don’t expect anything in V5. This will be on the development list for V6.

Oh sorry, I didn’t see this was for GH on Mac. My bad.