Spectral FLR Camera

Concept Model of the the FLR camera from Spectral. (Can’t let Scott have all the fun in here)


Beautiful work as always David. Thanks for sharing.

I loooove seeing this stuff get shared!! Thanks!! Amazing work!

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I see a beautiful gray color in the raw project that shows details of the models excellently, whether in your masterwork or the masterworks of senior Scott.

Is it a color or material, or is it a type of scene that I don’t know in Rhino?

In general; are the details relative to a developed system or rendering process?

Thanks! The model shots are just a variation on the standard arctic display mode. I just turn show edges on. Gives a nice, old school pouche like look.


Thank you so much, senior

I will examine it soon

Hello David,

A really nice effect. I think this effect could also have a robust practical application to. You have given the model a Technical Mode “feel” to it but not technically drawn. Perhaps one could modify to increase the Technical Mode attributes to the model drawing and end up with a “hybrid” drawing.
Or and I have never considered this before so I do not know if this is at all possible: have one view port mode of the model superimposed on top of the other. In this case Technical and Arctic with edges on and then modify the two superimposed modes as needed.

Hopefully I am being clear ?

Thank you, great effect,


Thanks. I wonder if you could do something like that with the new flair options in the WIP. Something to play with.

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You can actually create a copy of Technical and turn on Ambient Occlusion. Adjust a few settings and you get this:

You can also change the hidden line color and weight . Same goes for the other edges.



Hello David and Scott,

Thank you. While it is quite tempting to follow along with the WIP releases and get a feel for what is next, I believe that my modeling improves best by staying with exploring / learning the current release. The truth is I am not advanced enough. Perhaps somewhat contradictory to what I just stated, mentioning a possible technique [flair options] is quite helpful because I learned of a tool to try in the future.
While exploring the flair tool and Scott’s solution:

Are more elegant - and sooner and later I will try them out - thanks - I was sort of getting their ? thinking along the tract of to use DupEdge etc. and then modify the curves.

Thank you,


While you could do that its an extra step and creates more work for something that is a visual representation. One variation on that idea that we do use for set drawings is using the Arctic render mode to get an orthographic view that is then placed behind vector lines created with make 2d . This gives the illusion of a shaded drawing seen more in traditional had drafting. You have the full control of the vector line weights and the visual benefit of the arctic view. But this really only applies to 2d construction drawings not 3d views of your work.

Hello Scott,

The work flow variation you suggest is quite nice. Thank you for taking the time to write it out. I think this thread will help others as well.


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