Specify 3D Text by Height, Stroke Width & Depth

For prototyping with 3D printing, I frequently need to add text to models for version numbers, notes, etc. Usually this type has to be small AND respect the minimum feature size required. My previous scripts have been erratic at best, I think because they relied on single-line fonts which don’t always behave consistently for me.
Good news is that the Text tool in OpenNest by petras_vestartas works reliably for me, so I am sharing this definition in case anyone else finds it useful. (Not 100% what gets embedded, so I think you’ll need to download OpenNest for it to work.)
It generates extruded 3D text with inputs for height, stroke width, and extrusion depth. Width varies depending on these inputs.
textHSD_19-0326.gh (20.6 KB)


It is also possible to use offset a curve with Clipper, the only drawback I saw is that it outputs polyline. So the render is less beautiful than your solution

I am not familiar with Clipper buy I will check it out. It might be good for models that have already been meshed. Thanks.