Need Help with Parametric Script for 3D Printable Nametag Holder

Hey guys! New here, hoping to get some guidance on developing my script further to accommodate for a 3D printable nametag. I’ve got the script right now to the point where I can dictate the font and size and text but hoping for a more organic offset of the letters just like the included image (the “Jerry!” nametag). My offset is a square box right now but want to get it set to offset off the curves of the letters themselves with any input. I will include the script here as well! Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated. I am trying to integrate this with Shapediver down the road too to let the user choose a text and font and have a 3D printable nametag w holder ready to go. Thanks!! (23.6 KB)

you can use this component to make text

extrude the text.
Offset the text using Clipper tool
I use 2 offsets one positive and one negative in order to bridge letters/words
Clipper is always doing a positive and a negative, so choose the output.

then extrude, join meshes as join Brep doesn’t work for some reason.
Then calculate Center Of Gravity in order to place holder

And if you want better boolean reliability Use Dendro (16.7 KB)

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Thank you so much Laurent!