Text and shapes carved on mesh

Hello everybody,

I am practicing with meshes and I would like to create text and shapes on my meshes for 3d printing.
Now, the first thing I notice is that in GH I don’t have the same behavior of the Rhino function Surface from planar curves .

I am looking for a system of recognition of overlapping regions and then subtract the smaller ones to the bigger ones. At first I tried to use Collision Many\Many, but I can only isolate all the regions that collide, while I would also now the number of collision events that occur (in this case 5).

Another solution would be to call the Rhino function Surface from planar curves in GH from a script editor.
Is it possible?

Thanks for all in advance.


text-carved-mesh.gh (187.7 KB)

For some reason, my Fabtool’s Text 3D Advanced component draws error in R6.
BTW, another plugin like wombat(Text Outlines)works just fine.

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Thanks Kim,

it was simple, I did’t figure out to put a boundary surface component before the extrude.

I finally made the emboss using cocoon and a Boolean difference.

I still have a question: I would like to make closed meshes without using Cocoon :slight_smile:

I tranformed the outlines in polylines and extruded them into brep; then simple mesh all. I am stuck on searching a way for capping the text.

Playing around with delaunay doesn’t work because it has to work with any text if I change it.

Any ideas?

thanks in advance!

Hope it helps…

text-carved-mesh_re.gh (21.7 KB)