Special Characters in Rhino PDFs Disappearing

This is unlikely to be a Rhino problem but maybe someone has encountered it and knows what to do.

I have hundreds of Rhino PDFs embedded in an Indesign book. When the book is exported from Indesign everything is fine.

After the book goes through Acrobat’s preflighting (flattening, grayscale) special characters in the Rhino PDF disappear. 60+Degree Symbol becomes 60+BOX. It looks like the special characters are disappearing from the embedded fonts.

Maybe someone knows what to do here to correct.

A little followup. I found this problem only exists in PDFs created with PRINT and not with EXPORT.

Sometimes you Rhino folks say use PRINT. Other times you say to use EXPORT.

Can you send me a simple test file that shows this behavior? I recently logged an issue that showed exactly the opposite, where print would do well and export would mess up things.

I am uploading to the support site:

  1. A Rhino file with a 33 details.
  2. A PDF created by PRINT with all the details.
  3. A PDF created by Indesign with the PDFs from #2 placed on pages.
  4. A PDF created from #3 by running the PDF/X-1A preflight in Acrobat which has the missing glyphs.