Special char in search for component to only show defaults

with all the add ins for grasshopper it’s hard to try and stay away from ambiguous components for a definition. i use the double click on the canvas to get a component instead of browsing through the tabs typically.

so i was thinking if there was a “switch” special character to filter the available components to only defaults. if i type display in the search i get a bunch of components from native to add ins. maybe type a / or ' before the search term would only show natives.


Rhino uses underscores and hyphens as command prefixes. Hyphens already have meaning in gh so they can’t be used. Ditto for +, =, *, <, >, ", //, ~, and #.

Underscores, exclamation marks, at-symbols, percent signs, and semicolons are available.

! would be kind of programmatically correct, doesn’t it mean “not”, so “no add ins”? maybe a stretch but it registers here.

do you think it’s a good idea and not too painless?

Yeah, the case for ! and _ are both equally okay. I should probably reserve _ for a future where gh is localised so it can have the same meaning as it does in Rhino.

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awesome! thank you.