Spacestyle parmeters lenght/width

Hello community,

I couldnt figure out a way to put the parameters of length and width into a spacestyle. Predefined I know, there is volume, area etc. but for rectangular rooms it would be usefull if it would be possible to add this dimensions.


Hello @user28,

You can create two custom parameters named “length” and “width” and show them in the space tag using the following syntax:

  • Common properties (“Name”, "Area, “Perimeter”, “Height”, “Volume”, etc…): %<"property name>% .
  • Custom parameters (“Cost”, “Finish”, “Usage”, etc…): %<parameters[“parameter name”]>% .
  • Style parameters %<style.parameters[“parameter name”]>%

Dear Alfonso,

yes I am aware of this possibility. I am just wondering, if it is possible to automaticaly extract the lenght and withd values?

Hello @user28,

You could do this with a Grasshopper definition which evaluates the shape of the space and extracts those two values to create the parameters.