Grasshopper style wish

HI guys,
its a lot of fun with grasshopper styles definitons! I just have a few request for future developing :slight_smile:

Is it possible to add the possibility to measure the user defined parametres as it is in this video?

I dont see these clever rulers:

The next wish is, if there is any way how to align elements (doors, windows) that has wall as the host? Current behavior follow the center placing. I would apreciate similar functionality like working with the basic door library that is already included in VA template (interior, center, exterior). My workaround for now is the “move” cluster in GH definiton. Or do you have any other idea how to treat this issue within grasshopper definiton?


Hi @petumatr,

Sure, you need to specify that these parameters are of type “Length” in the wizard:

VisualARQ tries to automatically identify the value type by the GH slider name, but it cannot be detected in all cases.

We’re aware of this problem. In order to align a window to the wall, we need to know the depth of the window (and if it is opened, the leaf should not count), or the planes where to align the object if “interior” or “exterior” is selected.

We’ve discussed how to solve this, but we have found a good solution yet. You can, however, implement something similar on your definition, using a value list param (“interior”, “center”, “exterior”) and apply the required transformations to the geometry.



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  1. Oh great, I totally missed this parameter.

  2. I’ve found the value list. Do you have any example how to implement it into the gh definition?

PS: What am I supposed to do with this? Reinstall doesn’t help and I am not able to choose license mode but viewer mode

One more

I am not able to choose the type “Length” in the wizard. It remains Integer. Do I need to change something in GH definiton or…?

What kind of Grasshopper parameters are you using? Only real parameters (or sliders with a rounding set to real) could be set to length.


Ok that’s it! I am using sliders but as integers, not real numbers. :slight_smile:
Thank you!


I wonder if there is any library where we could download models like this. This 2.0 update didn’t came with new block models unfortunatelly.

@petumatr There is a new version available that fixes this problem. You can already download at the website: Download - VisualARQ

@Leonardo_G_Pate There are new styles for the Annotation, the Furniture and the Element objects in VisualARQ 2. You need to start a document from a VisualARQ template in order to see them. Some of the new styles are created from blocks and others from GH definitions.
In any case we are planning to extend the VisualARQ object library in future versions.

Ohh cool, i had problems with my license and could only see it now…

I know I’v already gave you guys this idea but i will ssay this again. It would be really nice if you guys could open a section on the forum or even in the visualarq blog allowing people and even you guys to share their models and definitions to serve as visualarq components.

We have a public GitHub repository with the Grasshopper definitions we use in the library, but GitHub is not very user friendly, as it is focused on developers.

We’ll try to add all definitions on oir website, and maybe also allow users to export the GH file from an existing style.