Space table | show: length, width of area

Hello community,
i have a little question with reference to space table. Is it possible to show the length and the width off the area in the visual arq space table? :thinking:

Hi, it is not possible to show the information of the wall segments that are enclosing a Space. However you can calculate the wall length around a space by its perimeter. Go to the Table Styles (vaTableStyles), add a new property field, and select the “Perimeter” parameter, from the Source tab:

Okay, thank you for the fast reply!
Perhaps thats a little wish for later versions :grinning:
Archicad and Allplan provides such a feature (see picture)

This would be a nice feature you are right!

Currently you could achieve something similar with Grasshopper: (15.8 KB)


Wow, special thanks to you Ramon! Its a very good alternative.
This helps because some builders and institution want to see how you get to the size of the area.

Thank you :grinning::+1:

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