Space Name and Description

When placing a space, is there a way to include additional parameters in the information such as the Description. I’d like to be able to include both the room name (ie 104) and description (ie Storage) in the same tag on plan. Ultimately it would be ideal to have flexibility on using custom tags for the space name such as Name, Number, Occupancy Type, Number of Occupants, etc.

It is possible to include both items in a schedule, but only one is visible in plan.

In a similar question, is it possible to extract this info in grasshopper? I’m able to get the name using Human’s 'Object or Attributes" node but not the description.


Hi @arcus, this is the only information that can be displayed in the space labels so far:

This is managed from the space styles dialog (vaSpaceStyles). Unfortunately it is not possible to add more information, although this is a feature planned for future versions. I’ll keep you posted!

You can create custom parameters, add values for them to the spaces and finally create a new table style for spaces that list that information. Take a look at this video, where it shows a similar process but with openings instead:

Yes, you can use the Get Property component in order to obtain one specific value of a Space property.

Hi @arcus, we have just published VisualARQ 2.11 which includes the option to display custom parameters in space labels. Just need to type the syntax:

%<element.parameters[“Name”]>% in the space label contents, in the space styles dialog. Check this out here: VisualARQ 2.11 available - VisualARQ

This is great. Thanks so much. Simply being able to include the name and description in a single tag makes my life a bit easier.

I have some questions about the syntax. Is it possible to control the annotation styles (such as height, underline, font) per label? I’ve circled the look I’m going for below.

Also, is there a way to perform math functions either in the label or as part of the parameter itself? Maybe I just don’t know the syntax.

As an example, I’d like to be able to calculate the number of Occupants in the space by dividing the area by the “Occ Loading” and rounding up. The calculation I’m showing =ROUNDUP(x/y,0) is what I would use in excel.

It would be great if this calculation could be done at the level of the parameter (rather than the space label) so I can show it in schedules as well. Thus far I’ve been using a grasshopper script to do the math and update the property. (10.8 KB)