Spaces with large doors/windows

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What would be the recommended workflow for creating spaces that include the extra floorspace gained from making a window that reaches the floor? See:

Would it be to draw the curve by hand? I can’t really use curtain walls as the windows only get up to 2100mm and the walls go higher than that, So I’d prefer to keep the walls in one piece:

Also, is there a way of changing the alignment of the cells in curtain walls? I’d like to change it so that the glass was flush with the outside to match my windows. This setting doesn’t change anything:

Hi @rheinason ,

Unfortunately now you have to do it by curves because the holes created by windows and doors are ignored, so I will add this request for doors and windows that reach the floor.

About the alignment of the cells, it is not possible to choose the position of the glass relative to the mullions, what you can choose with the option that you mentioned is the alignment of the mullions relative to the frame. The fact is that it will only be visible if the depth of the mullions is less of the one of the frame. I will add your vote for this too.

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Please add my vote for these two feature enhancements too

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