Orbit on selected

Is there any way to set Rhino so whatever I’ve selected is the center of orbit?
I click that icon with the three egg yolks like a thousand times a day.
I’d like Rhino to just assume that if I have something selected, that should be the center of my orbit.

Thanks in advance

Hello - for now, ZS is a good shortcut for the eggs. If you are using the gumball, you can set the view to rotate around that (Gumball context menu) - that may help some.


Thanks for the shortcut but that’s just another way of doing the same thing. I’d like Rhino to center on my selection without my telling it to do so.

The logic to try to guess where the center of display rotation is far more complex and far more nuanced than what you describe.

Pascal’s Zoom selected is an effective way of working with what is there.
The SpaceMouse devices have something that acts similarly to how you described, if you like them.

The other option is to use this tool with a osnap to select the specific point you want:

My guess is this is probably not too hard - after all, it is implemented for the Gumball, and I expect it is about the same thing - bounding box center - for selected objects. I do not see any requests for this - nor do I recall (but that does not mean much) any. It seems a reasonable wish list item.

RH-57585 Keep view rotation on selected objects



plus 1 from me :wink:

This is not exactly what you asked for, but one ‘hidden’ orbit feature is you can use Ctrl+Shift+RMB-drag to orbit around cursor (if placed over any object) vs orbiting around target/viewcenter with just RMB…


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@Jarek interesting… every day I learn something “new” although I work with this software since 4.0 … but how does it work? Is it just “shifting” the old camera position or does it really use something like Z-buffer information?

Thanks Pascal

John - I surely wasn’t implying that it was a simple thing to do and, if I knew any coding, I’d probably be stunned at how complex the task really is

My frustration is that there is such a command, and an icon to go with it, and I often wondered if there was a way to automatically trigger the command whenever something is selected.

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My understanding is it picks a point on object under cursor, closest to camera, and orbits the view around it, target distance should stay the same.
I think it would be neat if Rhino offered an option when this behavior is a default RMB-drag.

Hi Jarek - we have an internal tracker for this request (RH-4442) and I have added your vote to it.

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