Space Navigator not working anymore

I have all latest drivers, Windows updates and latest Rhino installed and my Space Navigators (wireless and cable version) do not work with Rhino 6 anymore. They do work in Rhino 7 WIP but not in Rhino 6.

Any help would be highly appreciated


When I had problems with the space mouse I tried both:

  • try installing the newest driver
  • try installing some older working driver.

Both have worked, on occasion, I think it is the plugin that is responsible for 3d mice.

I’ve tried all sorts of things, remarkable is that everything works in Rhino 7 WIP but not in Rhino 6

Hello - one thing to try is to, from the Windows control panel, modify the V6 installation via ‘repair’.


Thanks for the replies, unfortunately Repair didn’t help.

I ended up uninstalling Rhino 6 and generate my plans in Rhino 7 / WIP.

I’ll try again once a new build of Rhino 6 is available

Did a fresh installation of Rhino 6 today and got the update done too.

Space Navigator still does not work properly. The buttons work, but not the navigation.

The following devices are connected to my PC via USB:

  • CadMouse
  • SpaceNavigator

These three devices are connected via 3Dconnexion Universal Receiver:

  • CadMouse Wireless
  • CadMouse Pro Wireless Left
  • SpaceMouse Wireless

I’m using two mice and two SpaceNavigators/SpaceMouse in order to share the workload on both of my hands.

Everything works fine in Rhino 7 / WIP, actually not anymore without some additional input.

I used the SpaceMouse command and checked Rotate and Pan Zoom…

Tried the same procedure in Rhino 6 after another fresh installation. The following Rhino update unchecked Rotate and Pan Zoom in the Rhino SpaceMouse settings.

I’ve done countless updates over the last years and this never happened to me before.

After a re-start of my PC, the options Rotate and Pan Zoom ins the SpaceMouse Popup Menu are again unchecked.

Why doesn’t my Rhino remember this setting?

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Seems that Rhino does not remember the 3Dconnexion settings, not only after an update but even after just closing and opening Rhino

Hi Martin - I will ping @Markus at 3dConnexion - but I know he’s out of the office for a bit . He’ll have a better idea. So far I have not heard of this one…


Thanks Pascal. I’ve never had this occur before. Set up a button for the SpaceMouse Popup command so I have a quick workaround for now.

Having the same problem,
Spacenavigator 3dMouse does NOT works (apart from button functions) with Rhino 6 and 7WIP but works with Rhino 5 and other software
latest Rhino releases
Windows 10 all updated
3DxWare 10.6.2
SpaceNavigator FW 4.14
CadMouse FW 1.04

For what it is worth, I can reproduce the rotation/pan settings at startup not being those that were set before Rhino was shut down. For the moment - until I understand exactly what is happening I would suggest using Martin’s workaround to check that the Rotations and Pan are both on (and only to change them in the 3Dconnexion Property Settings).

Latest Rhino WIP, 3DxWare 10.6.2, Space Navigator only rotates the view, Pan Zoom is not activated

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I too have had some inconsistencies with a wired space mouse. I tried unplugging it while Rhino is open and that helped at least for yesterday :face_with_raised_eyebrow:—-Mark

One more issue to the pile:

  • when rotating with my SpaceMousePro and I decide to move the cursor of my normal mouse while my “2d” mouse is moving the rotation of the model by the space mouse is halted.

This is with videocard Quadro K2100M and Win7(64bit):
here you have a millisecond or so lag

I’ll create another video from home with my Win10Pro and GTX1060 where it completely stops the rotation when I move the mouse.

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It seems like the latest drivers make R6 not remember having Pan and Rotate on. I have to run SpaceMouse - Popup Menu - check both nearly everytime I start R6.

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Have he same issue… any suggestion from 3D connexion or Mc Neel??

If you scroll up a bit more you can read that the developers not yet know what the issue is.
An easy workaround would be to create a button with a macro that turns on both Rotate and Pan Zoom