A tiny digression – workspace

A tiny off topic. You could combine some of your custom made toolbars to clean up some more space, hence the larger viewport window. For example, the orange and gold icons on the left side could fit under the green ones. Also, you can lock the toolbars and that will make them look more clean. :slight_smile:

I cannot, three of them are different projects at work and the one down right is my personal :wink:

I meant these icons here:

P.S.: Sorry for the off-topic, guys! :slight_smile:

Yes, I know. Work. Different projects, had to be separated.

to be more specific, these are different “proof of concept” scenarios where with Rhino+Python I managed to beat CATIAv6 performance. :wink:

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Sounds interesting… Are you willing/able to tell us more?

You can still drag the two smaller toolbars and arrange them below the larger one. :slight_smile: Then you can hide them when you no longer need them.

Well, I can actually remove them all leaving just three buttons :smiley: each of these numbered buttons is one step in the scenario (a separate py script). I created kind-of-modules so each scenario is executed by a single script. Three scenarios, three buttons. :wink: Unfortunately I haven’t spent so much time with Rhino at work lately and I did not clean it up :wink:

Simply said, CATIAv6 has a lot of sub-applications they create a complex network of relationships between 3d objects. Every object depends on one or multiple others and also other objects depend on it. Sometimes, when you need simple surface modeling all these relationships slow down performance or make certain tasks close to impossible. Here’s where using Rhino is superior. And using Python with it provides the automation that beats dealing with Catia’s flaws.

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Thank you, and sorry again for the off-topic to everyone. :slight_smile: Cheers