SpaceMouse changes?

Not sure what’s going on here with my SpaceNavigator.

I’ve always used up/down to zoom, but now (since ~2 weeks) forward/back seems to be the only option.

Did something change in Rhino, or do I need to look elsewhere to troubleshoot this? I don’t see anywhere in the Rhino SpaceMouse popup menu to switch orientations, and the driver GUI doesn’t affect the orientation when I try to switch it there.

I’m seeing this in V5 and V6 WIP btw.

Hi Hans - I don’t think anything has changed in Rhino, but it seems to me I have seen some gripes elsewhere about new 3dConnexion drivers, perhaps - let me see if I can dig that up, I don’t want to be spreading fake news.


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Thanks Pascal.

For further troubleshooting, I tried:

  1. Remove and reinstall windows driver
  2. Disable 3dconnexion driver in Rhino (this used to be a handy option while they were figuring it out, but now the SpaceNavigator does nothing)
  3. Toggle Rhino.Options.Spaceball.SwapPanAndZoom (also used to work when it was a SpaceMouse option, now has no effect)