Space,Furniture elements linked to wrong floor level in IFC file


I am testing the IFC export feature of VisulaARQ. I am facing some issues regarding level of an element.
When I check the file in autodesk IFC viewer, some of the elements such as spaces, furniture are getting linked to the wrong level(the level above).
Can someone please suggest a fix for this issue?
Also, attaching a reference image showing the wrong layer level.

Hello @trnggupta91,

Please, try with a different viewer such as Solibri to make sure it is not a problem with the autodesk IFC viewer. If you still get this problem, please, send us the file (you can post it here or send it to so we can test it and fix it.

Hi Alfonso,

The problem persists with other viewer as well. I am not able to attach the model here, so I have mailed it to the email mentioned. Thanks for the quick response.

Hello @trnggupta91,

I have been testing the file and I could reproduce the problem, so I have reported in order to find a solution. I’ll keep you updated about it.

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Hi @alfmelbev

Were you able to find a solution for the issue? I tried importing the IFC model in Revit and levels seem to be okay, but not with web viewers.

Hi @trnggupta91,

I could reproduce the problem with the Autodesk IFC viewer and Solibri. VisualARQ developers are working on this, I’ll keep you posted.

Hello @trnggupta91,

You sent me the IFC file but developers are asking me for the original file. Please, could you send it to us so that we can keep on working on this?

Hi @alfmelbev,

I was able to understand the issue with furniture elements. It is the Breuer chair that is causing the issue.

The chair is modelled slightly below 0,0,0 plane. Probably, a pipe component is used to create the frame which creates the pipe half in positive z axis and half in negative z axis.
Remodelling it resolved the issue. You can update the food4rhino file as well.

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