Space bar vs return

I am used to using the space bar as a return from years of using the windows version. In the Mac version this does not seem to work consistently. For instance in the Loft command, if you initiate the command and select the two lines you are lofting between, in windows you would then hit the space bar to confirm and execute the command. In Mac, the “Rebuild with” dialog is acitve by default and pressing the space bar replaces the default value, even though this option is not even selected.

Not sure if this is a loft problem or a general use of the space bar problem.


It’s both. The parameter fields in the Loft dialog should not have been enabled unless the corresponding radio button had been selected. This will be fixed in the next WIP release.

Pressing the space bar to end a dialog like the Loft dialog is a more generic dialog issue. Starting with the next WIP release, the “do it” button on a dialog (i.e., the button labelled Loft in the Loft dialog), will have keyboard focus when the dialog opens. This means that pressing the space bar will be equivalent to clicking on the button and thus will end the dialog. You can usually tell which control has keyboard focus because it has a blue highlight around it.

Looking forward to this in commands where you have to ‘click’ the ‘do it’ button with the mouse.