Keyboard Shortcut Problem

Hi All,
I downloaded Build 5A732 and I come across Keyboard Shortcut Problem.
With any previous builds, SPACE bar allows you to repeat the last command you used.
but this build (5A732), I need to press Any keyboard key before pressing SPACE bar to repeat the same command.
Also, using one command to another, I need to press Any keyboard key between different commands.

It seems like this Pressing Any Keyboard Key activates Command Input.
Is this by default for Build 5A732? or Bug?


Hrmmmm. I’m unable to reproduce this on my computer (or maybe I’m not understanding your report). For me, pressing SPACE repeats the last command (I don’t need to press any other key first). I tested this with both the Command options dialog setting as well as the Command options in sidebar setting.

What version of OS X are you running?


I’m using OS10.10.2. and sorry if I’m not explaining correctly.

For example, To draw a line and offset the line in previous builds,
Typing L and SPACE bar to complete to draw a line and type OF to offset the line.
But in this build, when I type in OF, only F shows up in Command Window.
So what ended up happening to me is to press Any Keyboard Key before typing in OF
as a sequence, L - SPACE - Any Keyboard Key - OF
This is also same case for any other commands. and also for repeating same command with SPACE bar.
Only way to solve so far, I need to go into Command Window to activate the Command Typing and type in commands but it decreases productivity.

Before installing Rhino, I installed Java for OS X 2014-001 for other graphic softwares I use.
I hope this is not the problem.


No, I believe you are explaining it correctly…I just can’t get this behavior to show up on my Mac Book Pro. Everything is working as expected for me.

Anyone else seeing this issue in 5A732?

Working as expected here … My Aliases work

Is there way to make Command Input Window as a floating window as shown your screen?
Mine is docked into standard tool bar. I was trying to figure out with preference settings but couldn’t find the way.


Go to Rhino / Preferences / Themes

Then …

Gives me …

I like this setup, except for lack of Ribbon Bar customizing .



Thank you for your response. This theme is great.
About the problem I had, when I switched to Custom theme the problem disappears and Keyboard Shortcut works totally fine. And also when I revert back to the original theme, Keyboard shortcut started working perfectly.
I really don’t know what was causing the problem I had.
Problem solved!

Thank you so much guys!