Changes in 2014-04-07 – space bar behaviour, deleting selected objects after command, command line interface

I notice that the space bar can now be used to confirm options in the SetPt command, instead of having to click OK. This may seem minor, but it’s really great news – has been bugging me for ages!

Less fun: I notice that after completing certain commands which leave a curve selected, e.g. PlanarSrf, I cannot simply delete the original, selected object with the backspace key. I have to deselect, reselect, delete. This is particularly slow when multiple possibilities show up during a re-selection. Is this a known issue?

Am I right in thinking that the command line interface has gone forever? That would be a shame, as it’s so clear and simple. I prefer to run Rhino without any buttons, just an unobtrusive text input field at the bottom of the screen whenever possible. I have experienced situations where the replacement text boxes and check boxes don’t respond reliably to keyboard input – will try to be more specific about this when I next encounter it.

Appreciative of all the work going on behind the scenes with Rhino for Mac – so many tweaks happening all the time.

See this thread

The command line interface is gone. However, everything you can do with the Windows Rhino command line you can do in Mac Rhino. You can type every response in Mac Rhino and never click a single check box. If you have specific cases where this is not working, please describe it with enough detail so we can duplicate it.

Thanks for the response Marlin.

I hadn’t noticed that other thread; thanks for the link. I think it also addresses my second question about the CLI – that was due to the text cursor too.