Sort/Arrange Module Components (Icons) in Grasshopper Interface (Toolbar)

This seems like such a simple thing I can’t believe I’m not finding it. How do I arrange the icons on my toolbar? I want to sort them according to function: mesh, volumetric, evolutionary, structural, what I use first in my process vs later. Is this somehow categorized already? Because I’m not seeing a pattern here and this is annoying, I’m OCD because I like to design from pattern to details.

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Sorry about that. @DavidRutten has a toolbar editor on his list for GH2…

ha! Too many plugins is exactly the problem! Def need an easier way to organize & load/unload them. I too have had difficulty in this. Maybe I just haven’t figured out the interface properly??

Nope. There’s nothing to figure out in GH1.

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Am I understanding this correctly: that each plugin typically gets its own tab, and thereby I could likely have dozens (if not a hundred) tabs, w/o the option to consolidate plugin panel(s) into user-preferred-tabs manually w/in GH1?


Sort of. Mostly. Each component (doesn’t matter where it comes from, native or plug-in) specifies its own name, category and subcategory. The category becomes the tab name, the subcategory the panel. So it would be possible for a plug-in to define a bunch of components which are inserted into the default tabs, or for two or more plugins to share a tab. This is up to the plug-in developer.

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Sounds right. I think Tree Frog (or sim) neatly integrates into the default tabs. I’d really like a way to combine tabs–or customize “Category-1” tags in order to do so. Which plugins I might be interested in taking advantage of really depends on the type of project I’m working on at the moment. Often one plug-in has only one panel(Cat-2) entry and if there’s enough of these installed, it eats up a lot of screen space along the top.