Sort Components' Subcategory/Panel Order in Grasshopper Toolbar

Hey everyone,

we develop a plugin that has some components inserted into default Grasshopper categories/tabs, but in a new subcategory/panel.
The issue that we are facing is to define where the subcategory panel is placed in the toolbar. We noticed that in some tabs the panels are placed in alphabetical order, while in others they are placed to the right (as last).

Is there a way of setting the subcategory tab order so that its always placed in the right?

All subcategories in the Grasshopper category tabs should be listed as alphabetical order. The two caveats here is that we have chosen to manually override how the Params and the newer Rhino tabs list their subcategories. Ideally, we wouldn’t have changed the behavior in those two tabs but it was decided that a particular subcategory order was preferrable in those two situations for user clarity. In every other category, the subcategories should be listed in alphabetical order.

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Not sure if this hack still works, but I remember adding spaces in front of subcategory names might do the trick.

Reply by Paul N Jeffries on October 19, 2017 at 5:15pm

There’s actually an easy way to do this: put spaces in front of the subcategory names. The spaces will be accounted for when sorting alphabetically (so, the more spaces you put in front the earlier it will be) but will automatically be trimmed out when displaying the name. So, instead of “Geometry”, “Primitive”, “Input”, “Util” use " Geometry", " Primitive", " Input", “Util”.

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