Grasshopper Tabs & UI

Right now, my 1900x1080 monitor is full, edge to edge, of little icons and etters for each component, some with very little content, but nonetheless taking up the entire display width.
I realize that all the plugins I have loaded may not all be immediately useful, and that there are different schools of thought/practice on loading plugins (esp among those who may be more agile scripters) but often I find a lot of plugins to be at the very least educational and worth discovering/investigating.

I still hope it’s possible to re-deploy some sort of user-based UI that helps me use GH more effectively. Here’s three thoughts:

  1. Allow the user to organize the order of plugin tabs (currently they seem unpredictable or at least inconvenient);
  2. By storing (–dare I say it–) “workspace profiles” or something similar–loading & unloading pre-determined sets of plugins based on those profiles;
  3. User-defined uberTabs that group plugins as specified by user (see gif);

I know there’s some plug-in class/tags that determine their tab indexing locations, and that the reworking of all the plugins by each developer would likely be unmanageable, so I’m curious if the uberTab (#3) could circumvent this issue?
I’ve also read here that there’s some aversion to UI-tab mixing/matching from large AEC developers wherein they may have trouble deploying in-house updates for custom components, or their in-house users may have difficulty navigating different UI’s. I think workspace profiles or uberTabs could also help with this by maintaining a standard gh0-tab, while freeing up the rest of us.

GH has been an overwhelming success and has provided an open platform for countless developers and an even larger pool of users, both new and experienced, and with a myriad of backgrounds. It has allowed for a literal explosion of spatial investagatory procedures. The rapid GH-plugin developments made possible through McNeel’s approach to GH–while extremely successful–has the potential to drown out the usability of all these tools. As a freelancer, I often work on very different types of projects, from 3dViz to architecture to landscape architecture, and often make use of different sets of plugins for different project types. At the moment, I’m finding myself dedicating a lot of time to plugin management.




I want to support the request/wish.
Nowadays i can say many users are installing a large amount of plugins. Some of the more used, some of them less. But there is a wish of having them for use as needed.
It is annoying that each time GH is loaded the tabs change location (one time closer to the left side, other time to the right). From the cognitive point of view it doesn’t makes sense.
There are some plugins that lately were split in many (see this discussion) according to different functionalities. You need them to be close to each other but they are way apart.
Will appreciate at least to hear the developers stand on this one …

Best regards,

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1 year later.
RH7: now that there’s multiple installation paths for gh plugins, this issue seems even more relevant. I can’t even figure out how to uninstall some rh6 plugins now, let alone organize them.

Recently I’ve been working on the layout of tabs and panels in grasshopper 2.0 and most of the things you’ve mentioned are possible now. The second layer of tabs hasn’t been added, but right now you can select one out of various user defined layouts from the menu. Turning that into a toolbar/tab row would be trivial.

As for installation, it is my fervent hope that all plugins will be managed by Yak (i.e PackageManager), with only very special cases requiring some parallel deployment mechanism.

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Thanks for the follow-up, DR! I’ll check out the user layouts!
Hopefully Yak will pack it all in! --There’s other discussions of pluginManager and packageManager, perhaps they should address native/McNeel vs 3rdParty, respectively?
Anyway, thx again!