Sometimes some edges are not visible

… not even when selected

Hello - is this a selection of the top level object, not a sub-objects? And is it a polysurface, extrusion, block instance… or?



Hi Pascal,

I managed to isolate it. Check if it looks the same on your machine. On mine it shows very strange in all viewports. This extrusion was created in Rhino 5 and opened in 6, and saved in 6 again. I 5 it has no problems.

171212 edges.3dm (236.2 KB)

Hello - yes, it looks wrong here as well - I see that it is far, but not all that far, from the origin… looks OK at the origin. I’ll put this on the pile, thanks.

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RH-43074 should be fixed in the latest BETA. Those edges ought to show up now. Please give this a try.