A strange thing just happened.

Before trying to export a model to an STL file I did SelOpenPolysrf. The model lit up. So I did Analyze > Edge Tools > Show Edges. No naked edges showed up.

I then exported the model to STL, and everything went fine. Usually when the are naked edges, I will get an window with an error message telling me that the model is no suited to exported for prototyping.

After having created the STL file I was able to print the model on my 3D printer without any issues.

Why would SelOpenPolysrf show the my object is open what apparently it is not?

I seem to be having many more issues with the current version (5A772w) than with several previous versions.

Hi Zews- it would be helpful to have the model- if you can, please post it here, or to via, to my attention - thanks.


Here is the file in question. Please note that the object in question is the one in the Default layer. The object in Layer 5, which is similar does not do this.

Eagle.3dm (1.4 MB)

Hi Zews- use ShowEdges > Nonmanifold Edges to locate the non-manifold- you’ll see there is an extra surface and a trim that needs to happen. With non-manifolds, inside and outside are meaningless so it rings up as open but with no nakeds.


Hi Pascal,

I can’t find the command. No matter what I do I end up in the same place, but I don’t see what you describe.

When I do Surface > Edge Tools > Show Edges, I end up at Edge Analysis (for naked edges), and when I do Analyze > Edge Tools > Show Edges I end up in the same place.

There does not seem to be a “Nonmanifold Edges” command in the version I have. (Version 5A783w). When I start typing it I only see NonmanifoldMerge.

Why would this have happened with this object in the file, but not with the other similar object in Layer 05?

Yeah, I see that the mac does not have the non-manifold edge setting like in Windows. I’ll get that on the pile…


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That still leaves the question:

Why would this have happened with this object in the file, but not with the other similar object in Layer 05?

Different curves as inputs, by the look of it.



Just out of curiosity, … how big is the “pile”? :wink:

last i heard, it’s 3000+

but i don’t think everything gets tackled on a first come first serve basis.
some things might go on the pile this week and be fixed next week :wink:

On the Mac side? Right around 200 issues from major to minor that are “open” (meaning “not resolved and closed”) - of course, not all of them are going to get fixed for the release version… Major could be something like a serious crash bug; minor can be something as little as a typo in a dialog.

On the Windows side? about 1800…

Don’t let the high numbers of the bug reports fool you (on the Windows side we hit #30,000 a few weeks ago), they’re sequentially numbered from the beginning and keep their numbers after they’re closed.

All this stuff is prioritized into levels of necessity from “critical, needs to be fixed right away” to “we’ll get to it someday, I hope…”