Can not select edges in extrusion holes


In some cases, we can not select certain edges in the extrusion holes.

for example:

set the global filters to: Curves/Edges and SubObjects


if you create an extrusion with circular hole, you can select the edge in red in this picture:


But if you create an extrusion with rectangular hole, you can not select this edge:


I am on Rhino Version 6.10.18296.11021, 23/10/2018

Thank you.

Hello - this works here in the latest -

can you tell if the edge is selected but not highlighted (e.g. turn on the Gumball)


Hey Pascal,

In testing here, I can select any inside edge as you show - but not in Shaded or Rendered modes. There, I am unable to pick any inside edge, only surfaces highlight. The multi selection box never comes up either. This no matter what zoom level. It works fine in Ghosted and Wireframe… Odd.


Hi Mitch - thanks, I see that now.


Yes, it’s true! It also does not work in the Artistic, Pencil, Acrylic and RayTraced modes.

Thank you @pascal for this issue.