Some trouble using smart track

I have been working with the level 1 training manual and doing some drawings of my own. I having good success except for using the smart track to help me line some things up. I’ve only been through the first half of the manual. Is there a more in-depth tutorial for using smart track? It’s difficult to come up with a specific example because I think I’d have to record a video of trying and failing with it.

Hi Joe - we’ll need a few more details! (to be able to help)


Ah, I think I just need to keep working with it more. I got it to work better this morning. Rhino is a very complex program simply because it has so many features. I have told one friend that if he tries it to not be overwhelmed when he starts out and to do some of the tutorials. I need to follow my advice and be patient. One thing you may be able to help with, though is the construction plane concept. I think I understand it and was able to follow the tutorial and even use it in one of my drawings, I think. But how do I know which construction plane I’m working in? I can go to View and set CPlane to a named plane but I don’t see any effect on the screen. Maybe I’m not awake yet. More coffee. Sorry if this is a dumb question. I continue to be amazed at what I can do with Rhino. It’s the program I’ve been wanting for a long time.