Planar should be turned on by default

…specially since now the control points shows up on selection.

As a support tech, I would STRONGLY vote NO for Planar being on by default.
I agree it is a very handy tool but only after you figure out what it does and how to use it.
One it is on, it stays on unless you turn it off.


I can understand this point of view.
But as it is now, when you first open Rhino 6, SmartTrack is on and the control points are shown on selected curves.
If a curve is not on the current CPlane and you play with its points, they will snap to the CPlane, which behavior you will not see if you’re not looking at the other viewports.
I never used Rhino without Planar turned on and in all the workshops I give to new users it’s one of the first thing I explain, that they find it is less confusing this way.
From you experience as a support tech, in what situation a user would be more confused by the behavior of Planar being turned on instead of off?

If you want ‘Planar’ enabled every time you start Rhino, then add the following to your list of commands to run when Rhino starts (Tools -> Options -> General):

_-RunScript (Rhino.Planar True))

Well… As John says, once it’s on it stays on. So there probably is no need for a start-up command.

But, FWIW, add my vote to having it turned on by default.

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I always have Planar on, and turn it off only for special occasions. Unlike GridSnap, which is pure evil unless you are actually in need of it right now.



I have no problem with all of that, I saw my error immediately, pressed Ctrl-Z, clicked on Planar, and started to play with how the curve points select/deselect now.
But I imagine a first-time user would have done a lot of damage to his curves before he finds what’s happening.