Some Key Values fail to read

Has anyone experienced GHX Elefront’s failure to read all Key Values?
In this image, I have 13 elements selected in rhino using _SelKeyValue
Just 11 are found by Elefront in GHX (shown in grasshopper red below)

Red check-marks highlight those elements who, by RHino Selection, have the Value, but are not recognized in Grasshopper.

Can you post your files? Thanks

@kevin3 yeah, please post your files! Curious as to why this would be happening. Could be a simple issue with the formatting of the key/value pairs.

Sorry, meant to write earlier… When preparing a file to share, I uncovered the issue.
~User error :blush:

The script uses the Human Dynamic pipeline and the ‘missing’ geometries were under the wrong Parent.
Elefront is working well!

So this topic is solved. Please click the Solution button in your own post.