Elefront script not working properly with Grasshopper player

The attached simple script asks for a project base point and the datum level of the base point. It then bakes the point with the datum level attribute using elefront. The script works as expected in grasshopper player if the GH file is open. When however I run the grasshopper player without the file being open alongside, 4 coincident points are baked, two with the datum level attribute, and two without.

I can’t figure out where this is going wrong. Any insights would be helpful.


01-2-SetBasePoint.gh (9.6 KB)

I have HumanUI but nothing is happening with the Get Point or Get Number. Not sure if that’s the issue, being unfamiliar with HumanUI aspect. The Elefront aspect looks fine.

Thanks Rickson. I don’t have HumanUI. The getpoint and getnumber components are from Rhino 7 and get inputs from the GrasshopperPlayer command. Are you running Rhino 7?

Interesting, the usual Cntl + Alt doesn’t bring up the location of those components, i was guessing based on the icon, which is similar to some HumanUi components.

Still not seeing anything prompting, so not much help unfortunately. I’ve tried in Revit 19 & 20.

I figured out the problem. Setting the elefront bake to true allowed it to bake with partial information the moment the GH is “played”. Instead using a “getstring” component to get a “True” from the user works. I also figured out that a GH file needs to be open (even a blank new project) while the GrasshopperPlayer runs. If not, then elefront does not delete bakename components before baking, resulting in duplicate components. See attached updated file.

01-2-SetBasePoint.gh (10.4 KB)

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Nice. I still don’t get the Revit Prompts, but thats ok. One thing i do sometimes is use list length to trigger the ‘True’. I believe you meant Rhino file needs to be open (blank project).

Hi Rickson. The prompts are not for Revit. In Rhino 7, you can call the command Grasshopperplayer, which then runs the Grasshopper file without opening the Grasshopper canvas. The prompts allow you to give input to the Grasshopper script.

Gotcha. So you can create shortcuts to command aliases containing Grasshopperplayer. Sweet.

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