Pattern Generation/ Perforation


I have trying to create a pattern of a specific shape and then perforate a surface using grasshopper. I have been learning about the “CullNth” and “Cull pattern” tool but am having a hard time to figure out how can I achieve my intended pattern as it is a custom shape. Please refer to the photo I am attaching and if you can help me out.

Thank You

welcome to the forum. Most of the time it is appreciated that you post on the forum what you have done.

From what I understand of this pattern it is rectangles with differents lengths.
Each rectangle is divided in rectangles or holes then some holes on the borders are not keep.

What is your algorithm ? What are your parameters ?

Hey, I totally understand and apologize for lack of information. I am attaching both the rhino and grasshopper file for the script I have so far. I have successfully able to subdivide a surface and create pattern I am happy with using cull, but have no idea how to create the trapezoid shape in the image of my original post. (7.8 KB)
try1.3dm (3.0 MB)

I see that you just took 4 elements. I’ll have a different approach. The pattern here has different sizes and some rules. For me here are the parameters
There is a Width Min and a Width Max of the rectangle
There is a constant gap between the holes.
The pattern have the same thing Width Min = 0 and a width Max
The inclinations of pattern is limited

With that I made a little demonstration. Not finished but could be helpful.

Play with the seed you’ll see the variation (12.5 KB)


I’ll give it a try. Thank you

Continuing on my idea, I am there