Some feedback on SubD

I have been playing with the native subD for the last few weeks on a new M2Pro Mac after many years using tSplines in R5 in emulation on the an old i7 MBP.

I love it. Well done McNeel. So nice to be able to use so many of the native Rhino commands with subD objects that would break a tSpline object or at best create a ghost mesh. I find it pretty easy to roughly make things like this with a limited knowledge of native subD.

However I have issues with workflow on the Mac in R7 so for now have fixed my old MBP Pro i7 15 inch with parts from a few other computers I purchased. So back to running Rhino in Parallels on the Mac with tSplines for subD.

Will play with the Mac version a bit more until my 3 month trial runs out but for work it is back to R5.

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What workflow issues are you having? ( i was the tech and trainer for tsplines back in the day)
Happy to help you sort out a flow that works.

Hi @theoutside, LOL I know who you are :slight_smile: I think I still have a few training videos of yours on my drive somewhere. Thanks for the offer to help.

It is not the commands as such that are the issue…more how the command line works or does not work on the Mac.

Rather than duplicate the topic here… there is another thread on the issues I have if you have the time to read it. I have been told the issues are fixed in R8 so I will have a look again then.


I believe that is the case, grab v8 and take a look, we are always looking for constructive feedback as we get closer to v8 launch.

@theoutside I am on the 3 month Mac trial so do not have access to the beta of R8. This next bit is typed with the friendliest intent…Something as I get older stops me from purchasing software that I know does not suit me and that I will have to I assume pay to upgrade again shortly?

As much as I would love to contribute I can still use R5 quicker than R7. Will give R8 a try once it is out. Thanks again.


totally understood, and that’s why mcneel never forces an upgrade.

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