T-Splines on Mac

Hi everyone, how can have t-spline plug-in for Rhinoceros 5.5.2 Mac?

You can’t.
First, it was never made for Mac, and second, it’s no longer available for Windows either (for several years now).

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Fusion360 contains some of the T-Spline functions, and it is available for Macintosh.

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thank you so much, ı will try this one then.

Thank you, I am new in Rhino, I tried to find but couldn’t, this is why then :))

I am I correct that the Rhino gods have been working on a T-Splines alternative for Rhino?

(I have not followed this closely but believe I have seen indications to that effect.)

Yes, it’s called SubD.
You will find some topics here with this keyword for more info.

you have also the plugin Clayoo, based on SubD geometry as T-Splines and maybe better.

Is Clayoo available on the Mac? I thought it was Windows only.

yes, you are right, I didn’t read the title apparently haha.

hahaha, no worries. I have done it myself. Happy 2019!