Subdivision modeling in Rhino Mac

Hello, I’m new to Rhino and wondering if there is Subdivision modeling available in the mac version?

I understand T-splines is/was available at one time for Windows.


No, I’m sorry


Thank you. Is Grasshopper Weaverbird available for Mac OS? I’d be interested to try it out.

Any news ? :slight_smile:

The SubDFromMesh command is available in the RH6 WIP.
Note that this is a WIP…

Never noticed this question, but the answer was “yes”.

Soon this will be renamed to “ToSubD”.

Oh thank you guys. Good news. Very thank you !

I have played with this command, but am I missing something or this feature NOT available for the latest WIP Mac6 ?!?!. Actual individual polygon selection vis-vis the enhanced gum-ball is not yet a feature as it is in Rhino for Windows? So no actual subdivision surface editing yet? Please advise - Thx

Hi - which command is that?
I’m not sure what you are asking for here.



Hi - that looks like a SubD object.
Now, what is the question?

as above

somewhat helpful…but…Is there a tutorial or demo online or this feature (for MacRhino)? As a long time T-splines user but a newer Mac-Rhino convert, this isn’t obvious to me. I do not get the enhanced gum-ball nor the individual surface editing as I would expect. Is there something I do not installed or enabled in this version (Version 6 WIP (6.15.19078.12066, 2019-03-19)

The 6.15 WIP should allow you to do what I had in my picture.
I’m still not clear what you are having problems with.
Where does this image come from?

Screen grab from a windows v6 tutorial (ref above). Im just not able to activate individual “panels” or the enhanced gum-ball in my Mac version…!!!

Too many riddles for me - I don’t see a reference to a windows v6 tutorial above.

At any rate, sub-object selection is done by Cmd+Shift+LMB. If you have Gumball enabled, you should get what I showed in that picture.

That’s EXACTLY what I have been asking all along (thank you - finally :slight_smile: ). It’s been riddles for me too…must be a lost in translation :wink: …I couldn’t find the reference to that exact combination. All the tutorials (done in Win Rhino v6) have just indicated a “LMB” click on the face and I guess Im guilty of not trying all these key combos to figure it out. The CMD+SHIFT is what had not been identified. All set - thx again

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