Is there a SubD plugin for Rhino for Mac?

Can anyone help me on this?



Sadly No.
It does not look like there will be one anytime soon. T-Splines and Clayoo are the only 2 sub-d plugins that I am aware of for Rhino. I read somewhere that TSplines needs the C/C++ SDK developed for them to port their plugin. The Clayoo people flat out told me they do not have plans to develop it for the Mac.

I’m still holding out for McNeel’s implementation of a SubD tool someday. :smirk:

I use Modo, Moi3d (SubD plugin) or Fusion360 for my SudD needs.

McNeel does not have plans to develop the C/C++ SDK to developing it for the Mac.

Does Moi3D have SubD? I have a T-Splines license for Windows, which I use for organic shapes. I have been looking into a zBrush to Rhino workflow for a Mac only way of working. Thanks, Randy

Not natively, no. There’s a plugin that provides the functionality.

Thanks @wim I got the upgrade to 3 from 2. I don’t use it much. I bought it for my wife, but she dove right into Rhino. I couldn’t pass up the upgrade cost to 3. I will look for it.

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Here is:

Wish this guy would write us some rhino plugins or scripts. Very talented guy.

Thanks @jason , it may give me incentive to use Moi3D more. I like it, I am just used to Rhino.

Yes he is talented, thanks again for the link.