Filleting help

Hello, i am trying to fillet this solid using filletedge but it fails to create fillets. I have attached images for reference. If anybody can help, i would be much grateful. thanks

fillet.3dm (459.8 KB)

Too large a radius fillet can cause problems…
Small radius fillets before large radius fillets frequently causes problems.

Can you upload you .3dm file so someone can look at it? Use the up arrow symbol above where you type your post.

hello, i have uploaded the file. thanks

i used .01 inch fillet on all the corners but it fails every time

Hi Ankit - the edges are a little messy - not terrible but also not quite clean, and I think that is causing a trim to fail, in areas like this


and possibly at the bend where the edges are nearly but not perfectly tangent.

If you can make the edge surfaces of this part a little cleaner, I think it will work - I’ll post an example.
fillet2_PG.3dm (550.8 KB)

(I used CreateSolid in this case to make the part from the intersecting surfaces, but, how did you make your part?)

oh thanks a lot for pointing that out. i will definitely try to clean it up

i drew curves, then inserted two control points and the upper part where it is messy is a control point. I then filleted the curve at both the control pionts then extruded and finally offset.

thankyou pascal!! from the bottom of my heart :slight_smile: Not only for saving the day but teaching something fundamental about rhino