Newbie struggling with blending and filleting edges

Hi guys,

I’ve made my first model in Rhino 5. Unfortunately I’m struggling with blending and filleting some edges, doing so distorts the model quite badly.

Before: before_blend_and_fillet.3dm (146.4 KB)
After: after_blend_and_fillet.3dm (275.5 KB)

Any help would be hugely appreciated :blush:


Hello- generally, FilletEdge all the edges of the same radius at the same time- that said, you’ve started off by hitting what can be a tricky situation where the inside corners come together and if you want to fillet there, you may need to deal with things at the surface level and do some hand surgery. Four+ edges meeting at a corner is hard… I’ll see if I can get you started - hang on a bit.

In this case, you can use the tricky command CreateSolid to help - after the BlendEdge, which does not clean up correctly at the four-edge corner, ExtractSrf that blend and UntrimBorder - see how it seems to expand - now it shoots through the surfaces at the sides and CreateSolid (See Help) can close things up again - then FilletEdge on that string of edges works OK.
after_blend_and_fillet_pg.3dm (473.8 KB)


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Hi Pascal,

Thanks for the help, laying the different steps out like that really was really handy. I’m going to give your suggestion a go, but I’m not sure if I’ll achieve the results I need. Do you know where I could get paid help, if necessary?



Have you checked out the full Rhino 5 course I did for Its aimed at beginner to intermediate users and has over seven hours of training. If you don’t have a lynda subscription, here a link for 10-days free. There is even a video focused on fillets and chamfers.

Here is a free sample video called Dave’s golden construction strategies: How to analyze and model like a pro

I also have a few free videos I have made for my college class, and they are online for anyone to check out at my Professor3d website. There is contact info on the website if you need further help.