[SOLVED] How to make this 3D math curve? drawing reference using string and nails

I wish to make a glider using this section or a similar approach.
Is this section compose of 6 curves?
Is it any particular degree?
Is there a mathematical or geometrical way to do it in RHino?

That just looks like 6 ellipses; 3 large ones and 3 small ones.

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Hi Alan

like @Ncik is pointing out these are 6 ellipses combined.
Below a unpacking of those 6 ellipses, where the trick is to keep the total length of the string always equal and create an ellipse with the point as focuspoints through the tip tof the ‘pulled string’

eee.3dm (64.6 KB)
does this make sense?


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Yes now makes perfectly sense.
Thx Willem and Ncik!
I will try to make a Grasshopper graph.
Having as input points and the string length.