Does anyone know how to do this?

like this line

have 3 points in y=3

8 points in y=1
and this line length is 20.

i want to create 3 triangle in this line

You can either use polyline in rhino to create those lines or you can define the points in grasshopper and use polyline tool in grasshopper itself with the list of points as vertices

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I want to make many kinds of similar line

If you application requires the points to vary then I’d suggest to define the points in grasshopper by using ‘Construct Point’. This will ask you for x,y and z of the point and return a point. You can create number of points like this and use them as ‘Vertices’ in ‘Polyline’

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You can use this as a reference.

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this is my solution… (8.8 KB)

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HIHI thank you a lot , i think the new one!!! (11.8 KB)

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