How to create this exact shape?

Hello, can someone teach me how to make this shape please? :slightly_smiling_face: thank you.

Edit -

To be specific, i learnt how to extrude the shape but i dont know how to create this part


I want to connect this to the eclipe shape and have that blended curve.

Hi - you’ll likely get better answers if you ask specific questions. At what point are you getting stuck?
Please post the 3dm file with what you have so far.

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Hi - draw 4 ellipses, select them all, and extrude them with the Solid = Yes option.
Does that get you on your way?

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  1. Extrude two ellipses
  2. Draw a rectangle in the side view and project to the inside surfaces of the extruded ellipses
  3. Trim the surface and duplicate the edges for a new crv
  4. extrude and join
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Hello - extruding the rectangle first and trimming at the surface level will make a much cleaner and more accurate object. Extruding trim curves is best avoided where possible.


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Hello - please see -

Level 1

Level 2



it doesnt work like that. you dont start modelling something you cant but learn your way


Install Rhino7 WIP from your Rhino6 install. Use subD bridge:

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Hello, I was wondering If you can teach me how to fillet this part? I tried use fillet edge again but it come out wide. I hope you can help me, thank you.

Screen Shot 2020-09-28 at 01.55.42

Theres no need to be rude. I thought this forum is here to help one another. If you dont want to help again, its okay. Thanks for helping me the first time.

See the thing is after over 20 years of helping random strangers on the Internet use Rhino, these sort of “I can’t be bothered to actually learn the program just tell me how to do this” questions get tiresome–it’s right up there with “My thesis is due tomorrow!” for how little sympathy you’re going to get–and we know from experience that this leads to zero learning taking place and to the expectation that people who are mostly not being paid to be here should hand-hold them through every single step of their work, sometimes for years!


@JimCarruthers what’s the point in having a forum if people can’t ask simple questions? If you don’t want to answer them, then please don’t. But assuming this person doesn’t want to learn Rhino because of the questions they’re asking is not kind, nor helpful.

Please strive to be kind and helpful. If you don’t have the time, move on to the next thread.


This thread had been longer before, where the user explicitly said he don’t want to learn Rhino for that task and that the quality of the answers are not satisfying.
But I mean what you give , is what you get, right?!

In my opinion a forum should be a place of knowledge exchange not one-directional knowledge transfer or even just a place of free labour force. At least for unpaid forum members :wink:. Sure you can ignore it but from time to time it’s worth to point that out. I truly support Jim’s statement.


Like it or not, we are unpaid Rhino sales force :wink:, so we have to be nice to people who sometimes waste our time.


I agree with all of you. :slight_smile: This place is great, because the people who participate here are great.

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I know it’s popular these days to confuse the topic at hand with the people involved. It seems to me that if we stayed focused on answering the questions - to the best of our ability, and to the extent we are willing - and left the commentary about the people asking questions, we’d all be better off.

I don’t expect anybody to answer questions they don’t want to answer; I don’t everybody to like everybody else on the forum.

If a question seems like a waste of time, move on to another one! If I reply telling you your comment is a waste of time, it just means that other people have to waste their time reading my reply. And pretty soon we’re just wasting all our time. What fun!

My request: answer question that is asked, ask for clarification, or don’t answer. Above all, be kind to each other.


one should rename that thread “how to piss each other off.”

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In my experience with Rhino you may be best off not including the rounds in the previous feature, and then fillet all 3 edges at one time. At least i think that’s what I’m seeing here… the snip is so tiny.