Creating a 2d curve from an equation

I received an equation as the description of a curve. It is over my head and I need a wee bit of education.

The equation is: Y = 0.0108646446355817*X^2

I need the curve this produces or instructions on how to do it myself.

Thanks in advance, Phill

What you have is a basic parabola. So the way I would draw it in Rhino is to find the vertex and focus. The Vertex is 0,0, and the focus would be 1/(0.01086464463558*4) = 23.01041666667029

Probably a whole lot less precise but rather general solution to this type of things: use Grasshopper:

Grasshopper is not required.

Generate a list of X and Y coordinates of points along the curve in Excel. X coordinates in the first column, Y coordinates in the second column. Save as a .csv file without any headers, etc.

Import the .csv file into Rhino.

Generate the curve using InterpCrv or CurveThrougPt