[SOLVED] Creating sea shell

Hi everyone, I have the drawing of a sea shell that i want to make it as a roof in architectural project but i get really bad result when trying with the loft command, here’s the file, what did i do wrong?,

PS : i’m a beginner in this soft.
shell.3dm (23.4 KB)

You can use sweep2, the 2 rails are your 2 extreme lines. Curve is your wavy curve.

You can also look at some example done with grasshopper

Sir, thank you very much with the sweap2 command gave me exactlu what i wanted.
Thanks for the links, i’ll go check them out.


Hi @Zag

Loft works

Your fault is at the marked lines. Take all straigt lines, explode them and throw away those little lines. When you now loft the lines, you will see there are more options in the loft command.
Greets Jay

Hmm that’s why sweap2 command worked easilly using only the rails,
Well than you JayR i just tried it and it really worked.

for this file , you can use railrevolve .
first, delete the lines and remain only the first one then run “railrevolve”