How to turn a line drawing into a scallop shell shape?

I’ve been trying different approaches to turn this line drawing of a scallop shell into a 3 dimensional one that’s about 1.5mm thick. I keep running into roadblocks.

I would love to get a roadmap of how to do it. I don’t want it done for me, but I would dearly love a list of commands to use in order to make it happen. If there’s a parameter value on one of those commands that’s really important to use a hint would be great.

Or pointing me to a tutorial on how to get from where I am (2d line drawing) to a shape with similar curvy issues would be great!

scallop shell.3dm (356.8 KB)

your file was not uploaded correctly

Thanks! Fixed it!

how do you intend your shell to look like, like a real shell or simply extruded to 1.5 mm?

like so?

It needs to look like a real shell.

I did the extrusion and was able to get the extrusion (sort of) into the scallop shape via cageedit, but then I couldn’t figure out how to put a surface on it. Loft wouldn’t let me and Drape gave me absolutely crazy results that I didn’t expect.

OffsetSrf, cage edit would be my first guess either. after that you would have to model the indentations.

OffsetSrf? I don’t understand how that would help. It would make the “spines” you just extruded bigger, right?

Hello - I think the best bet is to use these curves as a guide to build new curves and surfaces from - most liklely SubD would be helpful here.


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as pascal mentioned, this is a great model for subd

check out the hand video for how to layout “paperdoll” topology

That’s wonderful!!! I think this video will get me where I need to be!