New to grasshopper trying to make natural shell forms

Hello I am new to grasshopper and following this paper:

I am trying to make shell forms I have been succesful if lofting a circle along a helical but I would like to be able to loft bezier curves such as shown in the above paper, I have tried usingthe orient component howver have had no luck. The other thing I have had difficulty with is applying a graph mapper to the scale function. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Apologies for my bad (15.3 KB)

No one wants to read a PDF (or watch a video) to understand a question. It’s better to post an image or two showing what you want.

The Crv param you want to Orient is not internalized so I drew one in the XZ plane and added bits in the white group to use it. (17.5 KB)

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