Solo layer mode

Would be nice to be able to solo a layer… I.e. you activate solo and all other layers temporarily switch off. Unsolo and you’re back to whatever the previous layer state was.

I bet this could be done with some kind of script or command but that’s beyond me. A button/column in the layer panel would be nice.

Hi Ryan,

there is _OneLayerOn and _OneLayerOff in the Layer toolbar. Personally i prefer to use cluster buttons like this, for the left button command to hide things:

_Select _Pause _-Invert _-Hide "TmpHide1"

and for the right button command to show what has been hidden:

_-Show  "TmpHide1"

it can be found in the “Hide Cluster” toolbar. You can create as many clusters as you like and it is not limited to layers. It also keeps things hidden which have been hidden previously.

if you select a single layer in the layer panel, click on the filter button and choose “Selected Layers”, to get back, click on the (now red) filter button again and choose “All Layers”. (this will not show / hide layer content, only the layers displayed in the dialog)


I Agree that for V6 it would be good to have more build-in tools to temporarily isolate “things”.

-Isolate by object(selection)
-Isolate by layer(s)
-Isolate by color
-Isolate by name
-Isolate by blockinstances
-Isolate by ObjectType(points, curves, surfaces , etc…)

In short: A build-in system to have temporarily isolated states for all possible and future type of filters.

With all respect; please do not hack something together just to isolate objects or layers, but make it a sound implementation with proper foundation.


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