Rhino 9 Layer Panel Feature Request

Probably a bit late to squeeze this one into v8, but here’s an idea that would make working with assemblies much quicker imo.

On almost every audio mixer, and the Layer panel is analogous, on each channel/layer there’s what’s called a Solo button. It’s the same thing as One Layer On in the Layer panel, but not buried in a menu, and it doesn’t affect your mute/On settings although it temporarily disables them.

So when you toggle a layer on by pressing the solo button in the Layer panel, it acts exactly like One Layer On, but then when you toggle it off, there exists a One Layer Off that returns everything back to the way it was previously.


Hello @hanscad
This seems like a useful request, I added RH-72941 Temporarily isolate layer

Just for completeness, are you familiar with layer states (LayerStateManager)?

Thank you.

Yes, I recall layer states. I haven’t found a use for them yet, but I appreciate the reminder that it’s there. That will be fantastic for reviews.

I wasn’t aware of isolate though, but yes it’s very close to what I’m describing.

In fact, if I select all the objects in a layer and then isolate them, that’s the same thing. I can probaby macro that. :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

Hi @hanscad,

You can already do this by just scripting existing Rhino commands.

Make a new toolbar button and make these the button macros:

Left mouse button:

_-LayerStateManager _Save OneLayerOn _EnterEnd

Right mouse button:

_-LayerStateManager _Restore OneLayerOn _Delete OneLayerOn _EnterEnd

Hope this helps.

– Dale


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For posterity, I made just a couple of small adjustments to these macros to make them work as desired:


!_-LayerStateManager _Save OneLayerOn _EnterEnd -OneLayerOn _SelectObject


!_-LayerStateManager _Restore OneLayerOn _-LayerStateManager _Delete OneLayerOn _EnterEnd