Auto-Hide Layers Option?


Apologies if this feature already exists and I’m just missing it.

When creating a model, I often have to make several sizes and keep each one on a different layer. When switching between them to make changes, I find myself constantly manually hiding layers so one doesn’t interfere with the visibility of another or create confusion.

So… whenever selecting/activating a layer, I would really like Rhino to automatically change the visibility of all other layers to hidden/off. Only the content of the currently selected layer should be visible at any given time. This option should be easily and quickly accessible via a toggle/checkbox at the top of the layer visibility column as seen in the image below…


When in “Auto-Hide Layers” mode, it’d be good if you could also override Auto-Hide on a per-layer basis by clicking the lightbulb icon for that layer. Doing so would keep that layer visible at all times(unless lightbulb clicked again) even when switching between other layers. This would allow you to keep one or more layers such as those for reference, construction lines etc visible while still auto-hiding all other unnecessary layers.

What say ye?


Hi Peter - Choose OneLayerOn from the context menu with that layer selected for the basic action that I think you are suggesting, or the OneLayerOn command - excepting layers from this is not possible though - you might look into LayerStateManager.


Thanks for the reply, Pascal. “One Layer On” seems to be a manual version of what I’d like to see. Unfortunately One Layer On has to be activated with every layer switch which will end up being just as cumbersome as switching layers and manually hiding the visibility of the previous layer. It’d be good for occasional use but not when constantly jumping back and forth between layers which is what I tend to do.

So I guess this feature request could be considered as Auto-One Layer On where One Layer On is automatically triggered whenever you switch layers(Which is what I’d find most important)… but should be expanded to have per-layer override abilities as mentioned in original post.

I looked at Layer States earlier, but if I understand it correctly I’d have to create a separate layer state for each layer essentially where it is visible and all others are hidden etc… seems very cumbersome.

Hi Peter -
But, right click on a layer, choose One layer on gives the right result then, correct? (leaving aside excepting some layers)


Hey Pascal,

Right-clicking on a layer and selecting One Layer On, activates/shows the layer being right-clicked on and hides all others… So yes, I’d say that does what I’m looking for.

Just wish there was an easy to access toggle to turn that behavior on and off so that it’s automatically triggered by simply switching layers instead of selecting One Layer On every time I switch layers.

I agree, this option will help to quickly inspect layers content. There are workarounds as suggested by pascal but sometimes we need faster workflow.
I tried onelayeron command and it is not that slow, You just stuck using layer panel. For faster switching, you just need to bind it to some aliases that is very near to left hand like Q1, QW, ZX. once your finger used to it you will get faster result.

i think for what you are looking after You can also use “Layerbook” command