SolidWorks compatibility

Hi! Is there anybody else using SolidWorks files and the 2015 version doesn’t open? I’m using RhinoCAD/CAM and never had problem before opening latest SW files.

Hi Tamas- V5 does not open SW 2015 files… you’ll need the V6 WIP for that.


Rhino v6 does open SW 2015 files.

A user sent in a SW 2015 file that Rhino couldn’t open a few weeks ago. I filed a bug report with Datakit, and I don’t know when there might be a resolution.
I don’t think that example was because of the file version, but I really don’t have good info about what was the cause.

If you have SW 2015 files that Rhino v6 can’t open, please send them in so we can fix what ever problems there are.


It appears that Rhino can’t open SolidWorks 2015 files made with sp3.
I expect to get an update from Datakit next month that will fix that. Won’t know until it happens.